You are in my ATARI PORTFOLIO index. The listings here are in PC-DOS 2.17 or in PBASIC4. It is more about the idea then that there are really innovating programs to be found, however I like to loose myself in the JSD development and design, and the rewriting of programs. PBASIC4 is a GWBASIC lookalike higher programlanguage especially developed for the ATARI PORTFOLIO, only a lot smaller, 11907 BYTES to be exact. If You have not an ATARI PORTFOLIO, then it is unwise to load or run programs in PBASIC4. Idem dito with the PC-DOS batches because in them could be an unknown command. Thus take a good look first and decide how to handle later. This listing is the JSD rewritten DEMO, and shows what the ATARI PORTFOLIO is able to in PBASIC4, in case You get irritated: I have programmed the music. Happely is that also done in JSD, thus deleting it is simple.

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1 IF DFREE<2000 THEN CLS:PRINT "NEED 2 KILOBYTE RAM MEMORY !!!":SYSTEM:REM "MELODEMO.PBS" 10 DIM A$(254):DIM B$(254):Z1=0 15 a=0:b=0:c=0:d=0:e=0:f=0:g=0 20 h=0:i=0:j=0:k=0:l=0:m=0:n=0:o=0 25 p=0:q=0:r=0:s=0:t=0:u=0:v=0:w=0 30 x=0:y=0:z=0:xx%=0:yy%=0:i%=0 40 ONE=700:TWO=800 45 hoofdscherm=100:teken=200 50 functie=300:pauzemuziek=600 55 groterok=1500:karakter=1530 60 nietleeg=1550:inhoud=1600 65 text=0:grap=1 80 start=1000 90 IF Z1=0 THEN GOTO start 99 END:REM:DIM 100 SCREEN text 110 BOX2(1,1)-(40,8) 120 PRINT"PORTFOLIO BASIC DEMO" 140 RETURN 199 END:REM:hoofdscherm 200 FOR xx%=x-1 TO x+1 210 FOR yy%=y-1 TO y+1 220 CHAR(xx%,yy%),A$ 230 NEXT yy%,xx% 240 CHAR(x,y),A$,0 250 GOSUB pauzemuziek 260 RETURN 299 END:REM:teken 300 SCREEN grap 310 CHAR(8,47),"SINUS" 320 FOR x%=0 TO 239:y%=32-31*SIN(PI*x%/52):SOUND x%,4:PSET(x%,y%):SOUND ABS(y%-8),4:NEXT x% 400 CHAR(8,55),"COSINUS" 410 FOR x%=0 TO 239:y%=32-31*COS(PI*x%/77):SOUND x%,4:PSET(x%,y%):SOUND ABS(y%-8),4:NEXT x% 500 CHAR(8,63),"TANGENS" 510 FOR x%=0 TO 239:t=TAN(PI*x%/-89):t=ABS(t) 550 y%=32+t:SOUND (x%*.1),4:PSET(x%,y%):SOUND ABS(y%-8),4:NEXT x% 590 RETURN 599 END:REM:functie 600 RESTORE ONE:READ a,b 650 FOR c=0 TO a STEP b:READ d,e,f,g:FOR h=d TO e STEP f:i=RND(h):SOUND i,g:NEXT h,c:RETURN 699 END:REM:pauzemuziek 700 DATA 4,1,6,12,3,15,9,18,2,10,24,3,-1.4,15,18,6,-1.4,15 800 DATA 50,40,15,15,30,50,40,45,40,45,10,5,0 899 END:REM:DATA 1000 Z1=1 1050 GOSUB hoofdscherm:BOX2(2,3)-(39,5):PRINT "PORTABLE...";:GOSUB pauzemuziek:PRINT " , ... en PROGRAMMABLE !!!":GOSUB pauzemuziek 1100 GOSUB hoofdscherm:GOTOXY(2,4):PRINT "U staat verbaasd over wat Uw PF kan !":GOSUB pauzemuziek 1125 GOSUB hoofdscherm:GOTOXY(2,3):PRINT "BASIC en PORTFOLIO : CALCULEER !":GOSUB pauzemuziek 1150 GOTOXY(2,5):PRINT "1/3 =";1/3:GOTOXY(3,6):PRINT "_ =";2^.5:GOTOXY(4,7):PRINT " =";PI:GOSUB pauzemuziek 1200 GOSUB functie 1250 FOR i=1 TO 240:y=RND(64):LINE(i,y)-(120,32):NEXT i 1275 x=106:y=35:A$="BASIC":GOSUB teken:x=8:y=55:A$="BASIC INTERPRETATOR VOOR DE PORTFOLIO":GOSUB teken 1300 DFSEG $B000:BSAVE "scherm1.pix",0,960:BSAVE "scherm2.pix",960,960:GOSUB pauzemuziek:SCREEN text:HELP 1350 GOSUB hoofdscherm:GOTOXY(2,3):PRINT "BASIC maakt gebruik van alle":GOTOXY(2,4):PRINT "geavanceerde file-management routines" 1375 GOTOXY(2,5):PRINT "van het PORTFOLIO operating system":GOSUB pauzemuziek 1400 GOSUB hoofdscherm::B$="c:\autoexec.bat":A$=FILE$(B$):IF LEN(A$)>0 THEN GOTO groterok 1450 GOTOXY(2,2):PRINT "geen ";B$:GOSUB pauzemuziek:GOTO inhoud 1500 BOX2(2,6)-(38,8):GOTOXY(3,7):PRINT "Inhoud van ";B$:GOSUB pauzemuziek:OPEN B$ FOR INPUT AS #1:CLS 1550 INPUT #1,A$:PRINT A$ 1575 IF EOF(1)=0 THEN GOTO nietleeg 1590 CLOSE:GOSUB pauzemuziek 1600 GOSUB hoofdscherm:GOTOXY(2,3):PRINT "Dit staat op Uw actieve drive":GOSUB pauzemuziek:CLS:FILES:GOSUB pauzemuziek 1700 GOSUB hoofdscherm:GOTOXY(2,3):PRINT "Programmeurs zullen weten te":GOTOXY(2,4):PRINT "waarderen, dat BASIC net zo gemak-" 1750 GOTOXY(2,5):PRINT "kelijk met decimale, binaire en ook":GOTOXY(2,6):PRINT "hexadecimale waarden omgaat":GOSUB pauzemuziek 1800 GOSUB hoofdscherm:FOR x=0 TO 31:FOR i=0 TO 5:GOTOXY(2,2+i):PRINT x+i;" ";HEX$(x+i);" ";BIN$(x+i);:NEXT i,x:GOSUB pauzemuziek 1900 SCREEN grap:LINE(10,1)-(10,56):LINE(9,55)-(240,55):x=48:RESTORE TWO 1950 FOR i=11 TO 231 STEP 22:READ a:LINE(i,a)-(i,55):LINE(i+21,a)-(i+21,55):LINE(i,a)-(i+21,a):CHAR(i,64),CHR$(x):x=x+1:NEXT i 1975 x=20:y=10:A$="GRAFIEKEN":GOSUB teken 2000 DFSEG $AFC4:FOR i%=60 TO 960 STEP 60:BLOAD "scherm1.pix",i%:BLOAD "scherm2.pix",2880-i%:FRESH:NEXT i% 2100 FOR x=88 TO 152:FOR y=25 TO 39:PSET(x,y),1+POINT(x,y):NEXT y,x:GOSUB pauzemuziek 2150 FOR x=6 TO 231:FOR y=47 TO 56:PSET(x,y),1+POINT(x,y):NEXT y,x:GOSUB pauzemuziek 2200 GOSUB hoofdscherm:GOTOXY(2,2):PRINT "U kan BASIC al zeer snel":GOTOXY(2,3):PRINT "gebruiken voor het schrijven van Uw" 2250 GOTOXY(2,4):PRINT "eigen toepassing-programma's":GOSUB pauzemuziek:GOTOXY(2,6):PRINT "DE complete BASIC INTERPRETATOR" 2300 GOTOXY(2,7):PRINT" is 12 kB groot en werkt op elke PF":GOSUB pauzemuziek 2350 GOSUB hoofdscherm:GOTOXY(2,3):PRINT "Informatie over de aanschaf van":GOTOXY(2,5):PRINT "BASIC bij Uw ATARI PORTFOLIO dealer" 2400 GOTOXY(4,7):PRINT "of ATARI BENELUX : 03473 -77272.":GOTOXY(1,7):GOSUB pauzemuziek 2450 KILL "scherm1.pix":KILL "scherm2.pix":GOSUB pauzemuziek 2499 END 2500 END save "melodemo":system:rem' file as melodemo.pbs and return to dos.


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