This Lotus123 program recalculates the width and height of an image. There are 3: 1 for square, 1 for portrait and 1 for landscape. You can also use this to recalculate a screenimage by hand. The converter is standard set on VGA 640x480 pixels, other sizes are listed if they where available on the rightside of the spreadsheet. When the width is greater then the height use the landscape input. When the height is greater then the width use the portrait input. When the width equals the height use the square input.

A01=^ pixel B01='standard C01=^video F01=' other
A02=^width B02=^height C02=^adaptor F02=' adaptor
A03=640 B03=480 C03=^VGA D3=' VGA 640x480 F03=' CGA 640x200
A04=+A3/B3 B04=+B3/A3 C04='A/B & B/A F04=' EGA 640x350
A05=+A6/A3 B05=+B6/B3 C05=' input AB6/AB3 F05=' PGA 640x480
A06=1000 B06=1000 C06=' input square A=B F06=' VGA2 720x400
A07=+A6/A5 B07=+B6/B5 C07=' output square F07=' IBM2 1024x768
A08=+A9/B3 B08=+B9/B3 C08=' input AB9/AB3 F08=' MAC1 832x624
A09=500 B09=1000 C09=' input portrait B>A F09=' MAC2 800x600
A10=+A9/B8 B10=+B9/B8 C10=' output portrait
A11=+A12/A3 B11=+B12/B3 C11=' input AB12/AB3
A12=1000 B12=500 C12=' input landscape A>B
A13=+A12/A11 B13=+B12/A11 C13=' output landscape