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Methode Of Working: Bookmarks. Bookmarks. I have a lot of them. Because most sites are moving through time, URL's change. A bookmark link problable will be steady for about an half to 4 year. If I notice a bookmark link start to slip away, I will at first try to restore it, if that is not possible, such a bookmark link will then be deleted. About 2 times a year I check all bookmark links on validation. The same as above: If a bookmark link is not retraceble it will be deleted. If You start to check out my bookmark links the best point for that is called: ../bookmark/ You see then that I sorted them out in the standard extension at the end of their domainnames, countrycode, username or a keyword in the URL:

AUTIstickeyword autism


In the second column You find an indication about the Last Update. This is in the form of: LU: day/month/year Or: LU: - And that means the file contains a lot of unvalid URLs. Be patient! All filesnames in the directory bookmark start with: mark followed by the first four characters from their type. Under every file there is a mailto:me link especially for the purpose ERROR with the title: Found an error? Yippy! Write Me! But, the most bookmark links are probable functioning well, because the most steady bookmark links are in time filtered out by my methode of working. You might want to have them Yourself and that is why I made them as an importable Netscape Bookmark file. Just save it some way, then: View Bookmarks, File, Import and You are ready. The colors will not be taken over, that is automatically corrected by Netscape itself. In every file my bookmark links are also sorted on alphabetical order, except the new found bookmark links who are almost at the top of each file. The first bookmark link in all bookmark files is the one that leads to the last update of that bookmark file on my HomePage. Use it if You notice that bookmark links are not found, there it is for. Have fun!!!

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