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Why I Like StarTrek.


Why do I like Startrek? Better question is what do I like in all kinds of Science-Fiction? When I was young I started early reading and liked the books from my parents. They had all the books from Jules Verne. I lived that time near the Amsterdam fleemarket Waterlooplein and at the end of the day I searched the left overs on things I wanted. Could be a radio, a tool or books. One day I found a lot of Perry Rodan Magazines and I readed them all, ok, there where a lot more written then I found but a hundred Perry Rodan's is enough to start for a boy of 12, is it not? In that time the movie Starwars was also presented and my friends and I did see it. There was still not a lot of television in The Netherlands, so I did not know about Startrek then. Later one of my family shrinks explained that Science-Fiction was a better system then the psycho- analysis from Freud because by using science-fiction a client has more freedom to associate. I spare You the complete theory, but I can tell You by now that all the shrinks who I told this, after some thinking agree with this idea. In the mean time we got some more television in this country, and I started random looking science- fiction when I could, also Startrek that then already existed for about 15 years. But that was not regular. I also watched Dr.Who, Blake's Seven and Captian Power in that time. The last 5 years there is cable- television and I could see the re- runs on other channels then only once a week in The Netherlands for only a half year.  When I write this You can see Startrek-episodes on the following channels and more Science-Fiction on:


Woensdag: BBC2 19:00 ST-TNG 19:45 Sliders BBC1 22:30 X-files Donderdag: SBS6 16:40 ST-DS9 BBC2 19:00 ST-DS9 19:45 Sliders SBS6 21:30 Millennium BBC2 22:00 3rd Rock from the Sun Vrijdag: VERONICA 17:55 Sliders BBC2 19:00 ST-TOS Zaterdag: BBC2 00:15 VR 5 VERONICA 16:30 Babylon 5 Zondag: BBC2 20:00 ST-VOY Maandag: BBC2 19:00Battlestar Galactica


This is all in Dutch Local Time! I am NOT responsable for the changes in schedule made by the broadcoasting company's!!!


On this moment I have seen TOS at least every episode twice, TNG at least every episode once, DS9 at least the first 30 episodes and from VOY maby one or two. I have also seen the movie Generations and I must say that it was the first time since my early youth that I sit in such a sociable movie. Really everybody in the theatre was consolidating the actions on the screen, the whole movie long. Terrific! If I analize TOS, TNG and DS9 I find certain differences between the series. For example: TOS is more based on ancient legends from ancient cultures or unsolved mysteries in our time like UFO's. In TNG there comes more structure in the episodes. The timelines start to connect episodes together, the stardate is improved and the Klingon language is established. The other nations in this space are stronger and better defined. Other species are introduced, for example: TinMan. With that I coming to what I really like about Startrek. It is the ideas that make it attractive. There is no excessive use of technic gadgets such as computer animations however when it is used, it is simply the best You can get. Because the idea is good. That makes the difference between Startrek and others series.

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