I remember that I was 12 years old when She made Her debute with Wuthering Heights. In that time we had still no color television at my house. It was 1975. We had a few old tube radios at home and even some transistorized radios that I had found on the flee market behind our home. Kate became very soon an example for me. She did everything I was busy learning on Ballet- and Music-school: Making Dance and Music. Plus something special: Her very high voice. Wuthering Heights accessed also the Dutch popcharts, so She was on the radio a lot. I remember that on a certain moment when a song from Her started I was running through our house the switch on every radio and then turn it to full power! Something my parents and the neighbours did not apprieciate al the time. Those tubes made a noise! Especially in the middle of the night! But mostly I was alone at home so I could dance and sing along with Her. Well, sing..? Ok, make that scream. I have not a very trained voice but I could scream as high as She!!! It took me some time to save the amount of my pocketmoney to buy Her record The Kick Inside. It costed then only 12 guilders, but with 1 guilder a week I was busy for a while. It was the very first pop record I buyed in my live. Good choice for a classical educated boy, is it not? Strange things are happened with that record. Except from the fact that I turned it grey on my old mono record player with real saphire nail..! The strangest was that a few years later there was a burglary in the house I lived. On that moment every one was on holidays. The burglars also toke al my records, about 30. Also The Kick Inside. I considered a loss forever... Then, 3 years later, one of my new friends was loading out her car and I helped her. In the back of her car stood some records and I checked them out. She had also The Kick Inside but when I inspected the record, I noticed that certain scratches on the records looked and sounded as the record I had! Also the cover..! It turned out she had by coincidence bought my record from a second hand retailer! Because I had done a lot for her I got the record back from her. However I do not have a record player anymore, that record is still in my possession now. Later in the compact disc era I bought The Whole Story. It was my first compact disc from my life I buyed. I do not dance or scream along anymore. But when something nasty is happened to me al I do is remember the first song on The Kick Inside, the first notes, the first phrases: Moving, stranger,..

Kate Bush

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